How to wear a cowl?

I just finished my first cowl!!!


I love the pattern I found in “One Dog Woof“, it’s easy to follow and fast to see your cowl grow up and finish it in no time.

This cowl it’s warm, and it has a great texture, but now…


How to wear a cowl? I laughed a lot the first few times I tried to put it well around my neck and after fighting it for a while, I decided to seek help online, and I found this LionBrandYarn video, which helped me to see the simplicity of wearing a cowl.

Easy, don’t you think?

Well, this encoraged me to keep experimenting, and now I have 6 different ways I like to wear my cowl:


Long, the easiest way to wear it. Essencial for me when I don’t need to cover my neck because the sun shines or the wind stops blowing.


Looped, I make a turn and pass it throught my head. Easy and fast with a great result.


Double loop, I turn it twice and slide it throught my head. My cowl gains in volume with a femenine touch. I put the knot centered or aside.


Double back loop, as above but the knot is on my back. My favourite for cooler days.


Scarf loop, the typical scarf knot but without slip the end of the cowl out . Ideal for those days I wear a V-neck.


Screw loop, screw the cowl, put it on the neck and loop it once. I love this casual and fun touch, it’s my favorite!

There is a lot of ways to style a cowl, and I would love to learn them all !!! hahaha. How do you wear yours?


10 thoughts on “How to wear a cowl?

  1. mmm… qué maca la llana! però algun dia hauràs de canviar de color! ets de les meves tu, tot ho fariem en tons liles i morats! jajaja

    • Gràcies Leticia!
      Segur que quan en tinguis un m’ensenyaràs altres maneres de portar-lo, amb una agulla de pit o amb altres complements, acompanyats del teu bon gust!

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