Big red monster

Something monstrous is happening at Tremendu…

This big eye is looking for someone to scare… Are you afraid? All right, you don’t get easily scared… so I present to you the big red monster!

red monster1

Have you seen anything like this before? This amigurumi is 14cm (5,5 inches) tall. Isn’t it cute? It’s so huggable!!!

red monster2

Big handmade monsters are terrifically funny! My son Uriel and this “little” monster are always hidding themselves and waiting for somebody to get scared. Aaarrghhh!!!

red monster3

This red monster awakes his great imagination!

You better be a friend of the monsters. Our house is full of them and we don’t have room for the bad ones!

red monster4

The pattern I followed is so easy and fast to make. It’s the first time I stitched an amigurumi with a 6mm hook, and I think it’s awesome. From now on I won’t stop making them!


And some more good news, this pattern is from a Craftsy online course. The author is Stacy Torck from Freshstitches, check out her website for more great patterns. She also has a lot more usefull information.

Wanna stitch it? Don’t wait any longer!


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