Tremendu amigurumi: Calçots from Valls

I am so happy to show you my brand new amigurumi: the “Calçot” from Valls !!!


Tender, sweet and funny, these  “Calçot” amigurumis are loved by younger and older ones!

calçot petit

The leaves, eyes and the mouth position, are the elements that give them the personality. Combine them differently and make your own unic “Calçots”.

calçot gran

The leaves are easy and fast to make, and they are so funny, don’t you think?


The “Calçot” has become more than a food, it is actually a big party. The “Calçotada” is a family and friends reunion. Maybe that’s why it brings me a smile when I see this “Calçot”…

calçot petit2

Soon I’ll have the PDF ready, with all the details on how to make your own. Are you excited?

calçot petit3

Originally, the “Calçot” is from Valls (Catalonia) and dating from the end of the 19th century. If you want to learn more about the “calçotada”, click here.

I would love to read your comment… please feel free to post it!

calçots valls



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