Happy Saint George’s day!

Tomorrow is Sant Jordi, the lover’s day in Catalonia!


Every April 23rd all man in love gives a rose to his beloved and if she feels the same, she gives back a book. Do you know why?


The legend tells that very long time ago, at Montblanc town, there was a terrible dragon which attacked men and beasts. To pacify it, lots were drawn and a person was chosen to be given as a sacrifice to the monster. One day, the misfortune fell on the king’s daughter, who would have died in the beast’s claws if it had not been for the arrival of a handsome knight called Sant Jordi. who challenged the dragon and killed it. From the dragon’s blood, rised one red rose, that Sant Jordi gave to the princess.

Are you lucky enough to have a wonderful knight by your side? Buy him a book and sure you’ll receive a great rose!!


During this day I will be selling these roses on my own stand in Valls, my town. I would feel very happy if you come and say hello.

Feliç Sant Jordi!!!


8 thoughts on “Happy Saint George’s day!

  1. Hola,
    Jo ja tinc la meva, i tu, encara no?????
    No pateixis que encara hi ets a temps! Envia la comanda a Tremendu, i arribarà la primavera florida a casa teva!

    • Gràcies Montse! 😀
      Jo en tinc una amb passador per posar-la al cabell i una altra amb imperdible per a la jaqueta! M’encanten, desprenen alegria!
      Si en voleu una poseu-vos en contacte amb mi i us l’enviaré a casa. Tremendu!

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