Tremendu… red roses

During Saint George’s day, the balconies and street stands are full of roses, books and catalan flags, a great joy to behold!

roses gàvia

I want to show you my stand. What do you think about it?  It is small but full of details…


There were roses to wear on your hair, and roses to wear anywhere on your clothes. I wore both of them, I could not resist it! I love its color touch.

I was accompanied by the Sant George’s wounded dragon, and the rose it rised from its blood. Don’t worry, I healed it 😉

rosa drac

Little ones fell in love with the snake, and they came to me to touch its tongue!!

During that day I felt so lucky to receive 2 roses from my 2 knights I share my life! 😀


A lot of people stopped by and gave me great feedback, people from all ages, I thank them all from here!!!

Thank you for your compliments, your interest and your simpathy. And for all of you who brought me a hot drink, you are my heroes !!!


4 thoughts on “Tremendu… red roses

  1. Very beautiful! Your roses are the best I have seen so far I am at present working at a realistic looking crochet rose. Don’t know yet if I can pull it off. Experimenting with different silks. I like to create a lapel pin.
    I love your blog!

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