Beautiful short holidays

My family and I just went out for holidays. It was great! Let me show you…


We stayed in a camping near Banyoles, beside a great magnificent pond. It is full of unic and secret places to discover (they say that a dragon lives under its water… ;)).


We visited a medieval town called Besalú, where its stones whisper great stories from the past.

Besalú riu

Uriel had a great time playing in the river, even that the water was freezing! We played of who was the strongest to stay longer in the water, and guess what, Uriel won the game. There’s magic in the kids!


Do you know “La Fageda d’en Jordà”? It is magic place… the air, the ground, the stones and the trees surround you as an infinite beauty. You become part of a dream where the time is no longer important and it does not let you wake up.

If you want to get surrounded by a sweet silence, go to “La Fageda d’en Jordà”.


“La Garrotxa” county is perfect for a nice bike ride, it is gorgeous for all your senses.

Volcà Santa Margarida

“La Garrotxa” has over 40 volcanoes on its county. Isn’t it awesome? We decided to climb the Santa Margarida volcano, recognized by its little tiny church built inside the vulcanic crater! You gotta see it to believe it!

Magic places with magic company…


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