Amigurumi yarn

What’s the best yarn to make amigurumis? let’s talk about it!

When I go to a yarn shop, my eyes always get crazy. First look at the skeins and then I go and caress them lightly. Irresistible!


This is the best way to know if you have the right skein in your hands, because I love to hug a soft and kind amigurumi.

After all, the color, touch and price of the skein, will make me decide which one is the best. Even though, there are some pros and cons to have in mind. That’s why I always look at the label. Some common yarns are:


I love 100% wool. It feels nice to work and I believe it gives you the best final result, with a great firm stitch.

The currently wool is soft and with a lot of variety colors, nothing compared the wool I used when I was a kid.

Wool is often blended with much softer fibers (angora, cashmere, silk) that gives them a delicious touch.

Some wool has tendency to felt, which means it is not machine washable. Search “super wash” on the label to avoid this problem.



This kind of yarn is the easiest to find. It has a huge variety of colors and it is more economic.

It is totally machine washable.

Watch out the different qualities because some of them can result rough and tough.

If you pretend that a child sleeps with one of your amigurumi, note that acrylic ones could make him or her sweat.



There are different cotton qualities, always very soft. Pima cotton is the fluffiest, I love it!

There is a good range of colors available. If you want a brighter touch, try the mercerized cotton.

If you work on a baby’s amigurumi, cotton is the best choice.

It is smooth and soft, and it dries quickly. So important on a baby’s toy, because it tends to go in their little mouths.

It is difficult to find a thick cotton yarn. That’s why amigurumis sometimes get smaller than we pretend. Working with two threads at the same time could be a good solution.


Amigurumis are small and don’t need a big amount of yarn to be done. That’s why I tend not to look at the stroke’s price, experimenting with different qualities and enjoying the craft!

I hope this post will be useful for you.

I would love to know about your opinion. What kind of yarn do you usually use? any favorite one?

Your experience will help all of us!


8 thoughts on “Amigurumi yarn

  1. Ive been meaning to read this and just never received a chance. Its an issue that Im really interested in, I just started reading and Im glad I did. Youre a good blogger, 1 of the best that Ive seen. This weblog unquestionably has some information on subject that I just wasnt aware of. Thanks for bringing this stuff to light.

  2. Thank you for the round-up of yarn types (with pictures)! I’ve been looking everywhere for yarn-type posts and most of them will just say: use so and so type without posting pictures and I don’t quite understand what they’re getting at. Hehe

    I’m having trouble with my first ami. It’s too fuzzy and it’s not shiny/smooth like the one in your banner pic. 😦 Do you know what kind of yarn I should use if I want a smooth finish for my ami?

    (BTW I used a white, red heart, “high bulk acrylic” yarn for my first ami.)


    • Thanks Mary!
      I’m so happy that you found usefull this post. In my country we usually say it’s better an image than one thousand words! πŸ˜€
      For your ami I think you have to go for a soft cotton yarn. This is the kind of yarn I chose for my amis in the banner image.
      My best tip is: go to a wool shop, feel the yarn and choose the most you like!
      Let me know your adventures!

      • The Yarn/craft shops near me only stock acrylic ones, probably good for school projects and not amis. (I’m having major yarn envy at your first pic!) I’ll probably order some cotton yarns from an online store and let you know once I make my first, smooth ami!

        Thank you so much! I’m going to name my first ami “Gemma”. πŸ˜€

        • Sometimes I have the same problem, too much acrylic yarn in the wool shops…
          My amis are made with marbella cotton from
          I can’t wait to see your “Gemma” ami! πŸ˜€
          Let’s keep in touch!

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