Naughty snake

Summer days are very hot and there are so many things to do in the street. That’s why I don’t crochet that much, but I do a lot of research and planning for the new projects coming up on September 😉

The book “crocheted softies” is full of fantastic amigurumis. They are fast, easy to do and big enough to hug them all!


When my son Uriel saw the book, he asked me for the snake. So I grabbed the crochet hook, the yarn and hands at work! 😀


Here it is! What do you thing about it? I added the tongue. I let the pattern here in case you like it!


pointy parts (make 2)


Round 1: sc 4 times in 2nd ch from hook (4 sts)

Round 2: sc in each stitch (4 sts)

Fasten off the first pointy part. Do not fasten off the second, proceed to next round to begin the body tongue.

Body tongue

Round 3: sc in each stitch of the pointy part your yarn is attached to, sc in each stitch of last round of the first pointy part (8 sts)

Round 4-14: sc in each stitch (8 sts)

Fasten off leaving long tail. Sew the hole between the two pointy parts. Sew to the snake´s mouth.


If you find difficult to join the two pointy parts of the tongue, watch this Stacey Troch video, the author of this fantastic book.

She explains “How to crochet standing legs in amigurumi”. I used this technique to make the snake’s tongue. It is an interesting technique you can apply to a lot of projects. I hope you’ll find it useful.

I also added another detail to the snake: a little bell on its tail.


I love hearing the bell’s “clinic, clinic”, while Uriel is running with the snake searching for a new great adventure.


Which one is going to be the next amigurumi of this book I’ll make? I’ll keep on planning…


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