Magic ring vs. Sloppy slip knot

Some time ago, I posted a tutorial about the “magic ring” and I happily realized that you found it very useful, but…

Are you afraid about making the “magic ring”? Do you have to review the tutorial? Do you ask somebody to explain it to you?

Did you learn all the “magic ring” steps but you still feel uncomfortable or you still find it complicated?

Or maybe, do you just want to try new techniques?


Ok, today I present to you a new technique I just learned, and it’s called “sloppy slip knot”.

I want to show it to you with this clear video tutorial from Fresh stitches.

Just grab a needle and thread and try it, it’s fantastic !!!

What do you think about it? Do you prefer the “magic ring” or the “sloppy slip knot”?

Waiting for your comment…


6 thoughts on “Magic ring vs. Sloppy slip knot

  1. Hola,
    Moltes gràcies per mostrar una nova tècnica! 😉
    A mi m’agrada, tot i que no he provat el “màgic ring”…
    Gràcies per compartir

    • Hola Montserrat,
      Si no has provat el “magic ring” és senyal que ja estàs contenta amb la teva tècnica.
      Jo he provat les dues tècniques i crec que és molt més fàcil l'”sloppy slip knot” i el resultat és fantàstic.
      Gràcies per compartir la teva opinió!

  2. Hi there! I use the magic ring all the time, but I’m never really sure how to knot it when I’m finished with my piece. I usually just use a tapestry needle to loop the yarn around a stitch and make a small know, is there a more “official” way to do this?

  3. Hi Molly!
    I make a double knot around a stitch and leave a piece of yarn tail. Using this technique is very safety and you don’t have to worry about the remaining yarn tail because it reminds inside your amigurumi.
    I will post about it soon with some pictures.
    I hope this will be usefull for you 🙂

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