My new yarn storage

I’m mad about yarn! Their textures and colors are a pleasure for the senses. Sometimes I bought a skein of yarn just because I felt in love with it, without knowing what I was going to do with it.

yarn lover

Which is the problem? That these skeins are going to the closet’s end and they get forgotten… Sad, don’t you think?

Finally I found a solution! Low cost, easy to use and a beauty to your eyes. It is a DVD shelf! (this one from IKEA).


This shelf is above my working table, inside Tremendu’s room. Do you want to see how it looks like full of yarns? Here it is!! What do you think?

yarn storage

Everytime I see this colorful rainbow yarn, thousands of amigurumi characters dance into my head. Great, just what I want!

yarn storage2

I’m thinking about getting another shelf in the front wall, this way I’ll be yarn surrounded and no more skeins are going to be forgotten at the closet’s end. 🙂

What about you? What is your yarn storage solution?


9 thoughts on “My new yarn storage

  1. this is simply genius! I’m planning on changing some forniture in my work/bedroom and now I’m sure I’ll leave some extra space for DVD/yarn shelves! they’re just perfect for this, great choice, and thank you for the tip!

  2. I think your solution is great! Yarn is so colorful and cheery! I feel I’ve become addicted to it, snatching up new colors every time I get to town. I stack mine in the window next to where I crochet, not only does it block the view of the snow (since I’m tired of seeing it!) but also it doubles as insulation!! Bonus! 🙂

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