Everyone loves Minions!

Funny, crazy, playful, tender, spontaneous, brave, cheerful,… Everyone loves Minions!

Minion Principal
So grab your yarn and crochet hook and start making your very own one!

Page 9

This PDF includes the pattern of the Minion, the goggles and a Gru’s logo template.

Page 8
The pattern is very easy to follow with detailed instructions and lots of photos to help you out.
Also, you can visit my website for tips, and you can always email me for help!

The Minion is approximately 12 inches tall, using worsted weight yarn.
Skill level: Intermediate
Written in American English crochet terms

It is an instant download and you can start making this amazing plushie right now!

Happy crocheting!




6 thoughts on “Everyone loves Minions!

  1. Your stuff is so cute, I love it!! One day I will get around to learning how to use my crochet hook and I will straight onto your website for inspiration 🙂 x

  2. Hi, i am making this pattern now but am stuck with where to sew the fingers on to the hand. are you able to give me some direction?

    • Hi Karla,

      I recommend you to start with the central finger. Sew the first finger on round 1 of the hand. After that, sew one finger on each side.

      If you still have problems with it please let me know it.


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