We are going to New York!

Hey look at these guys! They are going to New York!

I’m so happy to share with you this great new: Tremendu amigurumis will be in the World Amigurumi Exhibition at Resobox Gallery in New York!

amigurumis to NY

There will be amigurumi artists from all over the world. The gallery space will be filled up with about 3000 amigurumis and it will become a dreamy “amigurumi room”.

I have seen some of the pieces that are going to be in the exhibition and I can ensure they are amazing amigurumis from very talented artists.

All pieces are for sale during the exhibition period that goes from December 12 (2014) to February 28 (2015).

So If you live in NY city or nearby, put a mark on your calendar! For sure you will enjoy it.

amigurumi teddy bear

If you like my amigurumis and would like to make it, you can buy the pattern on my shop. It is an instant download.

amigurumi sun

But hey, this guy is new! It’s Mr. Sun and it’s new in the Tremendu family. The pattern will be soon ready, so stay connected!


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